Energy-Activated Fabrics

Textronics Inc. (, a new electro-textile materials and system integration company, has secured investor financing and announced its spin-off from INVISTA (formerly DuPont Textiles and Interiors), one of the world's largest integrated fiber, resin, and intermediates companies. The new venture was formed with the closure of a Series A investment round led by NGEN Partners.

"The convergence of electronics and textile science is opening up exciting new markets for fabrics that conduct, illuminate, sense and warm," said Stacey Burr, Textronics' CEO. "With a strong technology portfolio and powerful backing, we are well placed to play a leading role in exploiting this potential. Our goal is to integrate electronics in ways that make textiles the 'provider' rather than the 'container' of new functionality."

Burr says that the new capital will enable Textronics to accelerate development of patented technologies and drive commercialization of promising applications in the apparel, home, transportation, and industrial textiles sectors.

Earlier this year, the new company demonstrated a prototype undergarment that senses heart rate and respiration.