Encoder Kit Delivers 20-nm Resolution

Encoder Kit Delivers 20-nm Resolution
Prologue Technology Inc.

Raising performance levels of the company’s popular range of inductive encoder kits, the next generation ID1102L encoder module is capable of resolutions down to 20 nm. A programming tool allows field-programming of the resolution as well as several other encoder parameters. The encoder measures 9 mm x 6.8 mm x 1.6 mm and employs an eddy-current sensing mechanism, making it resistant to dust, particles, oil, and liquids. The scale is a printed circuit board that can easily be to cut to a desired length. The board does not attract ferromagnetic particles and doesn’t have to be cleaned for correct operation. The ID1102L encoder as well as scales and the programming tool are available from stock. For a datasheet, go to http://www.posic.com/d2wfiles/document/221/5093/0/ID1102L-Linear-Encoder-Kit.pdf

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