Enclosures Sport Exclusive Data-Ready Light

Enclosures Sport Exclusive Data-Ready Light
Meggitt Sensing Systems

The VibraLink enclosures feature an industry-exclusive LED that indicates when data can be collected. They are custom manufactured to user specs for size, material, and output and provide termination for up to 48 cables. The enclosures feature radio frequency interference (RFI) filtering, differential switching, a grounding lug, and MIL-C-5015 and BNC output connectors. Online connectivity output is available for route-based or online monitoring. LEDs indicate when sensor bias output voltage (BOV) levels have stabilized, and data is ready to be collected. The VibraLink series includes enclosures compatible with triaxial and dual-output sensors. Other housings include termination junction boxes, cable reduction boxes, and transmitter enclosures.

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