Enclosure Heater Offers Wide Range Of Temperature Controls

Enclosure Heater Offers Wide Range Of Temperature Controls

The Series PFH compact fan heaters support a wide range of enclosure heating requirements. Measuring 3.5 in. x 5.6 in. x 5.0 in., the units come in a range of heating capacities from 200W to 1.2 kW. Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating elements provide fast heating and are self-regulating to promote safety. PTC heating elements automatically limit current draw and output wattage as temperature rises. Additional features include ABS touch-safe housing verified to UL 94V-O, air-circulating fan, choice of a single-point thermostat, variable thermostat, or no thermostat, spring clamp terminal connections, surface or DIN-rail mounting, and 115- or 230-Vac operation. For datasheets, visit http://www.pfannenbergusa.com/thermostats  

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