Emitters Deter Metal Corrosion

Emitters Deter Metal Corrosion

Described as unique, compact, space-saving high-tech systems powered by NANO-VpCI,
VpCI-105 Emitters provide corrosion protection for metal components and parts enclosed in non-ventilated enclosures measuring up to 142 liters (5 cubic feet). They emit Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCIs), which form a monomolecular protective coating on all metal surfaces. Corrosion is stoppable at any step from manufacturing to final installation. EcoSonic VpCI -105 is a plastic emitter with a breathable Tyvek membrane. It is effective in polluted and humid environments and provides continuous protection up to 24 months.

Cortec Corp.
St. Paul, MN
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