EmiSense Closes "C" Round Funding

LADERA RANCH, CA --/PRNewswire/ -- EmiSense Technologies, LLC announced it has closed its third round of funding. The investment round was led by strategic investor 9th Street Investments. EmiSense will use the US $6.5M in new funding to launch products, continue research and development, and support validation testing with global customers.

"We are very happy to receive the investment and validation of our technology and business model," states Patrick Thompson, CEO of EmiSense. "The investment underlines the great progress we have made since the company was founded in 2009.

"EmiSense continues to hit critical technology milestones, and we are pleased to support the next stage in the company's development," states Doug Coors, Manager at 9th Street Investments, and Executive VP of CoorsTek.

EmiSense is developing improved electrostatic Particulate Matter (PM, or soot) sensors, simplified NOx (oxides of nitrogen, or smog) sensors, exhaust and intake oxygen sensors, and hydrocarbon sensors. "Right now, our primary focus is on the PMTrac technology," explains Mr. Thompson. "Combustion-generated nanoparticles are a major air-quality and health concern all over the world. Current technologies are struggling to meet the regulatory deadlines just a few years away. PMTrac delivers a combination of durability, sensitivity, and low cost to meet the needs of industry," he continues.

Clean diesel demand, including both on-road and off-road applications, are the major near-term drivers for smart sensors, while direct-injected gasoline engines are also expected to benefit from sensing technology breakthroughs. "One little-advertised byproduct of downsizing and turbo-charging is, while it produces greatly improved efficiency, it may also increase particulate matter output, and must be tightly monitored and optimally managed with closed-loop direct sensing."

More about EmiSense Technologies
With operations in California and Utah, EmiSense Technologies develops smart sensors for clean emissions. Clean combustion is the most impactful form of clean technology in the next decade. EmiSense products are critical enablers for next-generation, ultra-efficient, and fuel-adaptive engines—helping solve the big problems of energy and the environment.

More about 9th Street Investments
Established in 2011, 9th Street Investments is a non-traditional venture capital group born out of CoorsTek, the world's leader in advanced ceramics based in Golden, CO. 9th Street is focused on venture capital in the advanced materials market, helping bring exciting new technologies to the forefront.

More about CoorsTek
Established in 1910, CoorsTek is the largest technical ceramics manufacturer in the world, and a leading provider of components and advanced material solutions for the automotive, aerospace, telecom, semiconductor, medical, and general industrial markets. The company owns over four million square feet of manufacturing capacity in more than 30 facilities worldwide.

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