EmergenSee Converts Smartphones Into Personal Safety Devices

WASHINGTON -- EmergenSee is making college campuses safer by putting the power of live streaming video, audio and GPS data directly in the palm of students' hands. The Personal Security App leverages smartphone devices to provide a rich feature set and optional 24/7 professional monitoring. As the only app of its kind to offer live streaming video at the touch of a button, EmergenSee is reshaping how people view personal safety.

Parents across the nation are preparing to send their children off to college. With incidents of sexual assault, freshman and Greek hazing and other campus crime filling the airwaves, never has this life transition been more worrisome. Nearly half a million campus crimes are committed annually, and 1 in 5 women will experience some form of sexual assault before they graduate. The EmergenSee app will significantly impact these dire statistics.

EmergenSee surpasses the familiar "blue light" stations, which only provide voice connections from fixed locations. By contrast, EmergenSee travels with students and is ready to stream live audio, video and GPS data from virtually anywhere, providing instant access to help any time of day or night.

EmergenSee's award-winning, patented Personal Security App is a free download with 24/7 Professional Monitoring available as a subscription. The developers describe their app as revolutionary, and rightly so – the professional monitoring service connects users to a tier 4 homeland defense certified facility, where highly trained agents respond to alerts 24/7/365. Security agents can monitor live video and communicate with users discreetly via text messages while dispatching first responders.

With EmergenSee's real-time audio, video and GPS location tracking, first responders arrive faster and with complete situational awareness. Medical information from the user's profile informs first responders of underlying medical conditions, allergies or other circumstances, allowing them to approach any scene with the appropriate care.

Gallaudet University in Washington, DC is one of many colleges and universities to become an EmergenSee licensed partner. Students, faculty and staff can instantly connect to Gallaudet's Department of Public Safety, where dispatchers monitor incoming video streams 24/7 and can respond swiftly to any situation.

Features of EmergenSee include Virtual Escort, SafeWalk, Anonymous Tipping and Mass Broadcast Notifications. With Virtual Escort, users set a timer; if the timer expires before they deactivate the alarm, EmergenSee automatically streams live video and GPS to pre-selected contacts. SafeWalk is Virtual Escort taken to the next level. A live security agent stays with the user every step of the way. Anonymous Tipping/Bystander Reporting enlists the help of the entire community, putting a security camera in everyone's hand.

The free version of EmergenSee enables users to stream live video to friends and family. For example, a college freshman at an off-campus party who suddenly feels unsafe can activate the app, which notifies her pre-selected contacts (parents, friends or sorority sisters) with live streaming video of the uncomfortable situation or date gone bad. The contacts can follow exactly what is happening and get her the help she needs.

Stress and trauma wreak havoc on memory, but EmergenSee remembers everything. The app stores all incidents in the user's history file with a tamper-resistant time and date stamp. EmergenSee recordings are so secure that they can be used as evidence.

No one can put a price tag on peace of mind; with the EmergenSee app's 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service, parents of college-aged children can rest easier. For only pennies a day, this service is a worthy and necessary investment in personal safety, especially considering today's epidemic of campus crime.

EmergenSee is now available for free download on iTunes and Google Play store. For more details, go to http://emergensee.com