Emergency Response Kit from Draeger Safety

Emergency Response Kit from Draeger Safety
Draeger Safety Inc.

The CMS emergency response kit from Draeger Safety Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, is designed to help first responders by automatically measuring the hazardous gases that may be present. The analyzer uses detector tube technology, using a small credit-card sized chip. If the target chemical is present in the air sample, a color change occurs and is measured by the photo-optical system. Gas levels are typically analyzed in 1–2 min. with ±4% to ±10% accuracy. The kit contains the CMS analyzer, accessories, and a selection of 10 detector chips for ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous gases, perchloroethylene, petroleum hydrocarbons, and toluene.

Contact Info

Company: Draeger Safety Inc.
Phone number: 412-787-8383
Fax: 412-787-2207

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