Embue to Deliver Intelligent Per Room Heating & Cooling

BOSTON and INDIANAPOLIS -- Embue, a Boston-based manufacturer of connected heating & cooling controls, today announced a new product offering and a partnership agreement with Jackson Systems, an industry-leading manufacturer of HVAC zoning systems and mechanical equipment.

Their new product, Embue Vent™ is a controllable heating & cooling register designed to replace existing manual vents in a home or business. Available in a variety of register sizes and colors, Embue Vent™ will be produced by Jackson Systems at their manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. When combined with Embue's low-cost wireless sensors and intelligent HVAC controls, Embue Vent™ creates a solution that delivers unprecedented per room control when used with forced air heating and cooling systems.

"We are thrilled about this announcement," said Jason Hanna, CEO & Founder of Embue. "Our controls replace the traditional point-source thermostat with a centralized controller and low-cost sensors that get placed in multiple rooms of a home or business. With Embue Vent™ we gain precision control over where heating and cooling is applied and can now create a zone for every room."

With a suggested retail price of $85 per register, Embue Vent™ offers homeowners with forced air systems a cost-effective way to improve the comfort and efficiency of one or many rooms with automated adjustments based on patterns of occupancy and individual comfort preferences, configurable through Embue's advanced mobile and web based controls.

"Jackson Systems is very excited to be working with Embue. They've created an innovative wireless system for intelligent HVAC control which pairs perfectly with our reliable and cost-effective controllable registers and dampers," said Tom Jackson, CEO of Jackson Systems. "This relationship has great potential and we're looking forward to additional collaborations."

Embue Vent™ will be sold through existing channels of heating and cooling service professionals and their suppliers. For a very limited time, however, Embue is making Embue Vent™ and their HVAC management system directly available to customers for pre-order. For more details, visit http://www.embue.com

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