Elster and Augusta Systems Partner

MORGANTOWN, WV -- Elster, a leader in smart metering and smart grid systems and solutions, and Augusta Systems, a provider of technologies that power the intelligent convergence of devices, systems and networks, announced that Augusta Systems has joined Elster's Advanced Grid Infrastructure (AGI) Initiative. The AGI Initiative is a collaborative effort between utilities, Elster, and key technology providers to create innovative solutions to modernize and improve the operation and reliability of utility distribution networks.

Through the partnership of Elster and Augusta Systems, utilities can utilize Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier solution to provide advanced integration and policy management for smart grid networks built upon Elster's EnergyAxis smart metering and smart grid system platform. In addition, Elster and Augusta Systems will further collaborate to develop integrated solutions for utilities focused on leveraging Elster and Augusta Systems products to support electricity reliability and distribution grid management requirements.

"Our partnership with Augusta Systems demonstrates Elster's commitment to helping utilities improve grid reliability," said David Hart, executive vice president, Elster. "Incorporating Augusta Systems technologies for grid management and interoperability with Elster's EnergyAxis system will help utilities realize more complete smart grid functionality through the integration and management of critical data and control functions from diverse electricity grid devices and systems."

Elster's EnergyAxis System provides standards based multi-technology solutions that support improved monitoring and control necessary for the smart grid. EnergyAxis improves overall grid reliability and performance by enabling utilities to place communicating sensors and control devices at strategic points on the distribution system that were not cost effective or accessible historically.

"We're pleased to join Elster's Advanced Grid Infrastructure Initiative," said Patrick Esposito, president and chief executive officer of Augusta Systems. "This partnership with an industry leader like Elster highlights the importance of flexible data integration across various networks and systems within smart grid deployments. Elster understands the importance of smart grid reliability and management to utilities and their customers."

EdgeFrontier products from Augusta Systems support integration and normalization of data, events and control functions from diverse devices, systems and networks, regardless of manufacturer or protocol and configuration of event or policy-based actions through a policy engine. For smart grid deployments, this includes smart meters and systems, line monitoring devices and systems, transformer monitoring devices, substation security devices, substation automation systems, reclosers, switches and other devices and systems.

About Elster
Elster, a global leader in smart metering and smart grid systems and solutions, has delivered more than 3 million smart metering devices worldwide with systems located in North America, Europe, Central America, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. Elster smart metering system solutions provide utilities with energy conservation capabilities via demand response programs, smart grid applications, and operational efficiencies resulting in significant value creation across the utility enterprise. Elster has more than 7,500 staff and operates globally in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

About Augusta Systems
Augusta Systems, Inc. powers the intelligent convergence of devices, systems, and networks. The award-winning Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier products provide configurable technology platforms for building and managing complex monitoring, control, and automation solutions, including applications for safety and security, energy and utility management, asset tracking, building management, and other business functions.