SANTA CLARA, CA —Element Six launches its redesigned Web store. With a wide range of CVD polycrystalline and single crystal diamond sample products now readily available for purchase, the Web store improves and eases the ability to purchase diamond parts from Element Six—ideal for academics and for material scientists and engineers in commercial companies looking to evaluate diamond for mechanical, optical, thermal, electrochemistry, quantum and radiation detector applications.

The Element Six Web store provides customers with a simple account set up and ordering process, with estimated delivery, order tracking and full purchase history. All major credit cards are accepted, with worldwide shipping.

The Web store also provides a free technical CVD Diamond Handbook available for download, to support customers in selecting the optimum grade for their application. This robust reference tool details the material properties of diamond required to engineer the integration of CVD diamond in applications and provides datasheets for the Element Six range of CVD diamond material grades. Element Six has collated years of research information and references into one comprehensive handbook to explain diamond synthesis, types of CVD diamond, diamond surfaces, Raman scattering, optical constraints, electrochemical properties and more.

To download the handbook, visit http://e6cvd.com/uk/diamond-book-download  

For more information about Element Six, please visit http://www.e6.com

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