Electromagnetic Flowmeters from Onicon

Electromagnetic Flowmeters from Onicon
Onicon Inc.

F-3000 Series electromagnetic flowmeters from Onicon Inc., Clearwater, FL, use a velocity measurement principle based on Faraday's Law and are available in 19 sizes from 1 in. to 42 in. pipe diameters. The flowmeters are factory configured and feature accuracy to ?0.2% of rate from 3–33 fps; flow ranges from 2.37–137,361 gpm; 230 psi standard pressure; bidirectional flow measurement; volumetric flow measurement independent of fluid density, viscosity, and temperature; and no moving parts. Each sensor is wet calibrated. Typical applications include monitoring cooling water, heating water, condenser water, and domestic water.

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Company: Onicon Inc.
Phone number: 727-447-6140
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