Electrolytic Tilt Sensor from The Fredericks Co.

Electrolytic Tilt Sensor from The Fredericks Co.
The Fredericks Co.

The Fredericks Co., Huntingdon Valley, PA, offers its single-axis, linear output electrolytic tilt sensor with a 10° range and resolution <1.0 arc second and null repeatability <2.0 arc seconds. The device features long-term stability over its angle and temperature range, hermetic glass-to-metal construction, platinum electrodes, and a long operating life. Applications include geophysical monitoring, laser construction instruments and transits, aircraft avionics, machine tool leveling, and medical positioning.

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Company: The Fredericks Co.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 215-947-2500
Fax: 215-947-7464

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