Electret Condenser Mic Line Expands

The electrostatic microphone is a ferroelectric material that maintains a permanent electrical charge and is polarized, whereas a Micro-Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS) microphone consists of a chip where the diaphragm is etched onto a silicon wafer to allow for extremely small microphones to fit tiny applications. Nearly all cell phone, computer, PDA and headset microphones are electret types. They are used in many applications, from high-quality recording and lavalier (lapel mic) use to built-in microphones in small sound recording devices and telephones. Electret microphones now rival traditional condenser microphones in every respect, and can even offer the long-term stability and ultra-flat response needed for a measurement microphone.


Transducers USA’s electrostatic and MEMS microphone lines range from 34 dB to 57 dB and operate at 2V to 4.5V and 150 µA to 500 µA current. Several types are available in the electrostatic lines:

  • Omnidirectional – featuring a choice of termination: bullseye (solderless), PC pins and solder terminals; sizes range from 4.5 dia. x 3.0 ht. to 9.7 dia. x 6.5 ht.;
  • Unidirectional – with solderless termination; sizes range from 6 mm dia. x 2.7 mm ht. to 9.7 mm dia. x 6.5 mm ht.
  • Noise Cancelling – with solderless termination; sizes range from 6 mm dia. X 2.7 mm ht. to 6 mm dia. X 1.8 mm ht.
  • MEMS – with surface mount termination; sizes typically around 4.5 mm dia. X 1.45 mm ht.

Additional models available include the KECG2742 model which is IP57 rated. The KECG2742 model is dustproof and watertight for outdoor use, such as public safety microphones or outdoor headsets. The surface-mount is suitable for cameras, headsets, cell phones and other small handheld electronics.


For more information, visit Transducers USA or contact Joe Sieracki at 847-956-1920.

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