Elecsys Announces Order for Remote Monitoring Units

OLATHE, KS /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Elecsys Corporation (NASDAQ:ESYS) announced that it has received an order from sales partner Tecnologia Total of Bogota, Colombia for its NTG WatchdogCP II Remote Monitoring System. The order, for approximately $100,000 of WatchdogCP II remote monitoring units, will be provided to Transportadora de Gas Internacional (TGI) and represents the Company's first deployment of WatchdogCP II units in South America. The units will monitor cathodic protection rectifiers on the Cusiana - Apiay - Bogota Pipeline operated by TGI, one of the major natural gas pipeline operators in Colombia.

After conducting thorough tests of competitive systems in the harsh environment of the Colombian Andes Mountains, TGI chose the WatchdogCP II system. In addition to superior field reliability and resistance to lightning, the systems were preferred because of the easy-to-navigate Pipeline Watchdog web interface and the capability to take instant-off measurements with GPS-synchronized interruption across an entire pipeline.

"The voltage and current sensor modules are physically and electrically isolated from the main base station, so the risk of lightning damage has been reduced tremendously. Also, the ability to expand the system to transmit additional field measurements such as pressure and temperature will be extremely useful," stated William Acevedo, Support Engineer with Technologia Total. He added, "From the website we can quickly select a group of rectifiers and schedule a GPS-synchronized interruption session. This is very useful for close interval surveys (CIS) and routine ON/OFF potential monitoring. We can also turn off rectifiers remotely via the web when maintenance work must be done on the line. Additionally, field technicians can receive text messages to inform them when processes are complete or a system is down."

"We are excited about the enthusiastic efforts of the sales team at Tecnologia Total in Colombia," said Mike Reed, Elecsys Executive Vice President of Business Development. "Their knowledge of the market, technical expertise, and great customer relationships make them an ideal sales partner for our NTG products in South America."

Tecnologia Total, a cathodic protection engineering firm with offices in Bogota, Colombia and Lima, Peru, became a sales partner of NTG earlier this year. They promote the WatchdogCP Remote Monitoring System in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile.

About Elecsys Corporation
Elecsys Corporation provides machine to machine (M2M) communication technology solutions for critical industries where high quality, reliability, and innovation are essential. Elecsys designs, manufactures, and supports proprietary equipment and services that include wireless remote monitoring, ultra-rugged mobile computing, and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies. In addition, Elecsys designs and manufactures custom electronic assemblies and liquid crystal displays (LCDs) to numerous industries worldwide. Primary markets include critical infrastructure related to energy production and distribution, agriculture, natural resources, and transportation. Elecsys markets and supports its proprietary technology and products under its DCI, NTG, Radix, and eXtremeTAG brand names.

About TGI
Transportadora de Gas Internacional S.A. E.S.P. - TGI S.A. E.S.P. (TGI), is a stock corporation organized as a public services company under the laws of Colombia and dedicated to the transportation of natural gas. TGI was formed on February 16, 2007 to acquire substantially all the natural gas transportation assets, contracts and rights of the state gas company in Colombia, Empresa Colombiana de Gas E.S.P. or Ecogas. TGI became the biggest natural gas transport company in Colombia and operates 3,702 km of gas pipeline in Colombia which transports over 10.5 million cubic meters of gas per day. In March of 2009, the central government of Peru and TGI signed a 30-year concession contract to design, build, operate and maintain two new gas pipelines utilizing an investment of $200 million.