Einstein Returns To Earth In Robot Form

The brainchild of Hanson Robotics, the Professor Einstein robot stands about two feet high and looks incredibly lifelike. Well, lifelike compared to 3D characters in the movies.

This benign-looking little scientist is capable of delivering science lessons using friendly human gestures. According to its maker, the unit looks like Albert Einstein and is capable of 50 or more gestures including smiling, frowning, etc.

Via the user’s iPad or Android tablet, Einstein can play interactive games that teach science and math. On another level, using voice recognition, it can hold conversations on topics ranging from the weather to other people, and more. And it can keep the user organized and on top of things. Yes, the little guy will mind your calendar and to-do list for you; could come in handy for birthdays and anniversaries.

Other features include a Wi-Fi interface that allows for downloading interactive apps. Einstein includes one year of free cloud service.

Battery powered, Einstein will run up to three hours before recharging is required. Depending on the attention span of the user(s), three hours may be a lot or not. At any rate, batteries and charger are included.

So how do you get your personal Einstein? It’s not available at retail outlets yet and it’s offered via a Kickstarter campaign. To find out more about purchases, pledges, see a couple videos, and everything else, CLICK HERE. You’ll soon be E=MC2 nirvana. ~MD

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