EGIDE Brings True Innovation to Anti-counterfeit Technology Solution Market

LONDON – EGIDE debuts EGIDE authentication technology as the company's proprietary technology solution that is designed to give premium/luxury brands and their customers the optimal accessibility to safeguard brand assets, detect counterfeit items and secure genuine purchases, thereby empowering businesses and society to re-imagine their futures where counterfeiting is no longer a threat. The patent is currently pending.

EGDE's unique authentication solution integrates the use of Smartcard, Near Field Communications (NFC) and smartphone technologies, with the encrypted microchip certified at bank level grade to provide a secured digital platform for authentication. The chip, which is encrypted with EGIDE's fully-owned and advanced encryption methods, is integrated into the product and can be scanned with an NFC-enabled smartphone using the highly secured EGIDE authentication application. Unlike other technologies, this scanning process of validating product authenticity does not require connectivity to the Internet, and the product's genuineness can be identified easily and accurately within seconds.

In addition, EGIDE's unique authentication solution incorporates a second level authentication that is built to give the brand's value customer the opportunity to register his or her genuine purchases into the brand's database. This additional and secured platform provides the brand an extended opportunity to engage its customers one-to-one, and enhance customer experience through customized marketing programs.

Beyond the technology's capacity to bring value added services to the customers, EGIDE's unique product authentication solution also enhances the brand's efficiency to avert vulnerabilities and risks of assets control management and fraud. The technology encompasses built-in features that allow the brand to be aware of the distribution of authentic goods and uncover fraudulent items in the retail store fronts.

The development of EGIDE's authentication solution is centered on empowering businesses to fight counterfeiting as well as black/grey market transactions effectively, while assuring their customers that the brand is committed to preserving their trustworthiness by providing a purchase guarantee of authenticity.

As EGIDE positions itself as the thought-leader in the consumer-centric anti-counterfeit technology market, EGIDE is committed to transforming secured and sophisticated technology into a simple and easy-to-use solution tool so that users and consumers alike can enjoy the ease of owning and using the technology application to validate and secure the genuineness of their valuable purchases.

Today, the proliferation of counterfeiting is pervasive; it is estimated that there is more than $1.7 trillion worth of fake goods worldwide, impacting all industry sectors. International trade accounts for more than half of counterfeiting and privacy, and has grown to $960 billion. It is EGIDE's vision and interest to provide diverse markets with a secured authentication platform, a technology for businesses and consumers that optimizes security and convenience.

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