EDLC-Based Cell Balancing IC Juggles Up To Six Cells

EDLC-Based Cell Balancing IC Juggles Up To Six Cells
ROHM Semiconductor

Forecasting greater miniaturization and stability plus longer life for supercaps, or electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs), the BD14000EFV-C cell-balancing IC integrates over 20 discrete components necessary for supercap cell balancing. In addition to functionality for up to six cells, multiple ICs interfacing in series enable simultaneous control of more cells. The cell balancing voltage can be set between 2.4V and 3.1V, ensuring support for a variety of supercaps. Flag output is also built-in, along with an overcurrent detection voltage function with adjustable detection voltage setting based on the cell balancing voltage. In addition, AEC-Q100 qualification ensures reliable use in automotive environments. Pricing is $0.72 each/4,000. An evaluation board, the BD14000EFV-EVK-001, is available for $122.

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