Edinburgh Airport´s High-Tech Sensors Boost Passenger Experience with Live Wait Times

Scotland´s leading airport has turned to BlipTrack’s technology and sensors to gather data about passenger queue and flow. The information enables the airport to streamline operations at security lines and to display real-time waiting times throughout the airport. With 11 million travelers last year and heading towards 12 million this year, Edinburgh Airport is Scotland’s busiest airport. It is crucial that logistics are on point around the airport to keep passengers happy. In July 2016, the airport reported the busiest-ever month after seeing 1,332,282 travelers through its doors – an increase of 9.6% on the same month last year.

With the constant increase in passengers, Edinburgh Airport enlisted the expertise of Denmark-based BLIP Systems to design and implement the BlipTrack solution at the airport´s security lines, to help measure and handle passenger numbers smoothly and efficiently.

The solution provides the airport with detailed information about passengers´ queue times and how they move around the airport. The data gives the airport a clear picture on trends and patterns and how they are performing. It allows them to respond promptly and effectively – if lines are becoming congested – to ultimately reduce processing times. In addition, it also enables the airport to provide optimum service by displaying wait times on signs in the airport and on their website, thereby reducing passengers´ frustration by creating realistic wait time expectations.

For more details, visit http://www.blipsystems.com

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