eDigitalResearch Launch Next-Generation Exploratory Text Analytics Tool

LONDON -- Voice of the Customer leaders eDigitalResearch have announced the launch of their next-generation exploratory text analytics tool, HUB Text Analytics.

•World-class text analytics engine teamed with intuitive and exploratory interface creates a distinctive leading-edge tool
•Unravel the story and explore verbatim from a range of data, including social media comments and live chat exchanges
•Fully integrated with all eDigitalResearch products and services - including dashboards and closed loop feedback

An evolution of HUB - eDigitalResearch's real-time insight platform - HUB Text Analytics uses new technology and data visualisation techniques to allow users to unravel the story behind customer comments. Built using a world-class text analytics engine and intuitive interface with a core focus on usability, HUB Text Analytics is designed as a simple, yet customisable exploratory verbatim tool, unlike many other 'black box' analytics solutions in the marketplace.

The unique set-up of HUB Text Analytics means that almost all aspects of the solution are highly customisable; from tweaking libraries and sentiment brackets to building bespoke categorisation options. HUB Text Analytics is fully supported by eDigitalResearch's insight and staff engagement expertise meaning that users can effectively and confidently share results around businesses to make a real difference to the customer experience. Users also have access to a vast array of libraries created by eDigitalResearch so accurate analysis can start straight away.

Combining text comments and data from multiple sources, brands and businesses can easily turn the unstructured Voice of the Customer into tangible insight and action thanks to the tools numerous features. Comments are automatically analysed for themes, categories, sentiment and strength of feeling all in real-time so that businesses are able to effectively monitor and manage their customer experience. HUB Text Analytics is even able to detect truly unhappy customers and alert relevant staff members - whether that's in-store teams or departments in charge of various products or services - when a negative situation has arisen, empowering businesses to step in and resolve any issues.

HUB text Analytics is also designed to explore comments and discover emerging trends, as well as categorise what's being said and monitor themes over time. The intuitive platform is compatible with all of eDigitalResearch's products and services, including the company's leading dynamic dashboards - analysed and relevant comments can easily be integrated into dashboards so staff around businesses can easily identify emerging trends and quickly see what's being said about them.

Nada Gillard, Product Director at eDigitalResearch, comments, "HUB Text Analytics really is like nothing else on offer on the market - a number of key clients are already using it to discover what customers are saying and the feedback has been really positive. It's an exploratory tool built with all users in mind - it's designed so that everyone from insight executives to customer service managers can better understand what's being said from anywhere customers are talking about their business. We want people to able to explore and discover something new and identify the key actions that will help them to improve. Powered by a world-class text analytics engine, users can have real faith and confidence in results and thanks to our great staff engagement techniques, can really shout about resulting insight to the rest of their business.

"The tool is completely future-proof and customisable - its key for our clients to be able to get what they want and need from it and therefore have designed a completely transparent tool that they can use with confidence to change their business".

HUB Text Analytics is available now for all new and existing eDigitalResearch clients and is the ideal add-on for any Voice of the Customer programme.

For more info, go to http://www.edigitalresearch.com

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