Edge Sensor Handles Tricky Apps

Edge Sensor Handles Tricky Apps
Baumer Ltd.

Groomed for difficult applications, the PosCon 3D optical edge sensor promises to reliably master tasks that normally require complex laser measuring systems. Requiring no separate reflector, it measures objects regardless of movements toward and away from the sensor with no adverse effects. PosCon 3D identifies any object independent of its color and surface. The sensor’s Target design allows easy system integration in an early planning stage using the sensor CAD data. Additionally, the component’s patented design features ensure exceptionally tight tolerances on beam placement, allowing consistent operation from one machine to another. Edge positions are detected even when installed in any non-vertical position with a lateral angle up to 30°. Object width is identified within fractions of a second and with an accuracy of 0.02 mm. For more details, visit http://www.baumer.com/us-en/products/productfinder/?tx_baumerproductfinder_pf[url]=%2Fpfinder_sensor%2Fscripts%2Fsearchresult.php%3Ftype%3Dfamily%26cat%3DCONFMyAppli%26pid%3DKantensensoren_OXE7_E%26query%3DPOSCON3D%26language%3Den

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