Economical Process Meters Measure pH, ORP, Or Conductivity

Economical Process Meters Measure pH, ORP, Or Conductivity

Sensorex expands its family of water quality and online process transmitters with four models. The TX10 pH/ORP and CX10 Conductivity and transmitters offer simple monitoring, while the TX20 pH/ORP and CX20 Conductivity controllers are also programmable for process control. Applications include water quality, chemical, electronics, food production, environmental and wastewater treatment. The TX10 measures pH or ORP and temperature. The CX10 transmitter measures conductivity, resistivity, and temperature. Both provide a local display of values and access to online calibration of process sensors. The TX20 monitors pH or ORP, with temperature compensation for accurate measurement and control. The CX20 monitors conductivity or resistivity, also with temperature compensation. Both provide local display of values with relay output for alarm or control of process conditions.

  • TX10 replaces Eutech Instruments pH 190
  • CX10 replaces Eutech Instruments Cond 190
  • TX20 replaces Eutech Instruments pH 200
  • CX20 replaces Eutech Instruments Cond 200



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