Economical PMIC Measures 0 to 32V

Microchip Technology’s Inc. two- and three-channel power monitoring devices measure from 0V to 32V on a single chip. The two-channel device is said to be the industry’s first with native 16-bit resolution, providing flexibility across a wide measurement range.  


The PAC1932/33 devices integrate multiple channels in a single package for applications such as Point of Sale (POS) systems, ATMs and building automation. This reportedly reduces costs for system designers while also consolidating their Bill of Materials (BOM), as the measurement of sub 1V to 20V voltage rails normally require separate components to measure each rail efficiently. The devices’ ability to measure voltage rails under 1V to as high as 32V also relieves developers from having to reconfigure measurement resolution between low and high current load events.

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As a two-channel device with 16-bit power measurement, the PAC1932 can measure without host intervention for 17 minutes, relieving developers from adjusting voltage or current range to measure power and energy. The devices include two 16-bit ADCs that can measure voltage and current simultaneously, enabling developers to extract a true power measurement.


The PAC1932/33 work in conjunction with Linux and Windows 10 software drivers. Their register-compatible with the ADM00805 evaluation board, which can be used to start development with a graphical user interface reporting VSENSE, VBUS, power and accumulated power.


The two-channel PAC1932 power monitoring IC is available now for sampling and in volume production starting at $0.78 each/10,000. The three-channel PAC1933 power monitoring IC is available now for sampling and in volume production starting at $0.94 each/10,000. For more information, checkout thePAC1932/3/4 datasheet.


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