Econolite and Image Sensing Systems Introduce Autoscope Vision

ANAHEIM, CA --- Econolite and Image Sensing Systems, Inc. announce the Autoscope Vision detection solution. Vision provides the highest levels of accuracy and performance in an easy-to-use product that supports a variety of applications.

Building on more than two decades of proven above-ground video detection experience, Vision delivers stop bar vehicle and bicycle detection, advance vehicle detection, bicycle differentiation, traffic data collection, and HD video surveillance. Vision setup is simple and quick, and can be accomplished over the built-in local Wi-Fi, which can also support streaming video.

“Vision’s enhanced feature set is designed to support advanced intersection control and data collection, and is particularly well-suited for ITS, data analytics, and Smart City applications,” said Econolite Product Manager Scott Robinson. “Vision is designed to provide best-in-class detection performance and access to strategic traffic information, helping transportation professionals improve safety, reduce vehicle emissions, and mitigate traffic congestion.”

Employing newly-developed, full-field-of-view object-feature tracking, Autoscope Vision performance is robust, reliable, and designed to support current and future traffic control and ITS applications. The ability to perform stop bar and advance detection with a single video sensor makes the system very cost-effective.

The Vision system requires a single IP address to facilitate reliable communication between Vision sensors and local or remote workstations. A built-in DHCP server makes laptop connection straightforward. Vision sensors provide HD, wide dynamic range color streaming video in quad or single camera display modes. Vision utilizes the same ‘3-wires-only’ cabling that Autoscope installers have appreciated for years, which simplifies cabinet integration and enables rapid field deployment. The interface to the traffic controller requires no detector rack space when using the built-in NEMA TS2 SDLC interface. Vision’s clean user interface provides quick, intuitive programming and management of all ITS features. Configuring a full four-approach, eight-phase intersection can be accomplished in just minutes.

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