Echelon Unveils Hybrid Street Lighting Control Solution

SAN JOSE, CA -- /PRNewswire/ -- Echelon Corp. (NASDAQ: ELON), the world's leading control networking platform provider, announced the industry's first street lighting system incorporating both ISO 14908-compliant radio frequency (RF) and power line communications technologies on the same network connection, and provisioned and operated by the same management application. Echelon will demonstrate its new street lighting solution at the LumiVille 2013 show in Lyon, France, to be held from May 28–30, 2013.

"We're offering a no-compromise street light control solution," said Varun Nagaraj, senior vice president and general manager, Echelon. "By supporting both RF and power line operations and control within the same network, our new solution frees integrators and service companies to easily deploy the best technology for a particular lighting environment."

For example, power line might be a better medium than RF in a parking structure with a lot of concrete, but RF might be a superior choice in a neighborhood with sparse luminaire density.

In addition to improving reliability by matching the technology to the environment, Echelon's new street light control solution offers additional advantages:

  • The use of a common backhaul and management environment minimizes acquisition cost, and eases installation, commissioning and management.
  • The ISO 14908 standards-based solution works with a range of luminaires, including emerging technologies such as LEDs as well as existing technologies such as induction lighting.
  • Compared to just using high efficiency lamps, street light controls can further lower energy use by up to 30% and reduce the cost of operating the street light infrastructure.
  • By increasing reliability and reducing the cost of deployed systems, the new capabilities being demonstrated will improve street light projects' overall return on investment (ROI).

At the LumiVille show, Echelon is also demonstrating its follow-me-lighting feature. This feature minimizes the number of sensors required to individually control lights on a network. The independent, strategically located motion sensors that comply with the ISO 14908 standard communicate in a peer-to-peer fashion with the ISO 14908-compliant luminaires on the network. This peer-to-peer approach enables capabilities such as the turning on of lights in sequence based on a sensor's input. By utilizing follow-me-lighting, installers using Echelon's platform can simplify commissioning, management, and maintenance.

Products that incorporate RF/PL and follow-me-lighting technology will be available for trial in Q4 2013.

Echelon will be at Hall 6, booth C51at the LumiVille 2013 show.

About Echelon
Echelon Corp. (NASDAQ: ELON) is an energy control networking company, with the world's most widely deployed proven, open standard, multi-application platform, selling complete systems and embedded sub-systems for smart grid, smart city and smart building applications. Our platform is embedded in more than 100 million devices, 35 million homes, and 300,000 buildings and powers energy savings applications for smart grids, smart cities and smart buildings. We help our customers reduce operational costs, enhance satisfaction and safety, grow revenues and prepare for a dynamic future.

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