EBV Elektronik and IP500 Alliance announce partnership

Poing / Berlin -- The IP500 Alliance has announced that EBV Elektronik, an Avnet (NYSE: AVT) company and the leading specialist in EMEA semiconductor distribution, has become a partner providing a global supply chain and technical support for the IP500 solution / RF module.

IP500 is the global wireless standard platform for security and safety applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. The IP500 platform focuses on safety and security in building automation applications, allowing for fully interoperable connections between various devices e.g. temperature, motion, smoke, intrusion or HVAC sensors and actuators. By providing an integrated solution, based on 802.15.4 IEEE in the Sub-GHz band, the IP500 Standard is the only standard supporting international safety regulations (e.g. EN, VdS or UL) in an IPv6-based wireless mesh network at an affordable price. The IP500 standard is positioned to further drive applications in price-sensitive IoT segments such as smart grid, lighting or smart metering, as well as wearables with higher integration.

“Supply chain and technical support for all IP500 wireless modules is a key element of the IP500 strategy. With its leading experience in distribution and technical support of active devices (modules & chips), EBV will guarantee a high level of technical support to all IP500 OEMs around the world. It is therefore a tremendous asset for the IP500 Alliance and its OEMs to have EBV on board”, said Helmut Adamski, CEO and Chairman of IP500 Alliance.

This partnership will also support the IP500 members in applying the interoperable technologies that create opportunities for improved efficiency and faster time to market, which empower IP500 OEMs to launch their products in a local (worldwide) marketplace on time.

“Our relationship with the IP500 Alliance has grown over the past years and we are now proud to announce our active partnership with the IP500 Alliance. We will offer the IP500 modules, called Vesta, as part of our EBVchips program”, says Eckart Voskamp, Director EBVchips Program. “EBV is committed to supporting and facilitating the IP500 platform as the de facto standard for IoT safety & security devices and systems globally. By providing global technical expertise in the IP500 domain, EBV will provide supply chain services worldwide for the IP500 solutions as part of its EBVchips program with the goal of delivering a positive contribution to a fully interoperable IoT future for almost every smart device.”

The main challenge on a global basis is interoperability, combined with wireless low power network performance in an IoT application. The IP500 alliance is growing at a rapid pace as new OEMs and partners unite to deliver complete eco-systems for IoT applications: EBV Elektronik will now offer the IP500 modules within its EBVchips program, enabling new product and business opportunities for IP500 OEMs and partners. As part of the Avnet organization, EBV will be able to provide worldwide support and distribution.

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