Easy-to-use Vision Sensor Kit Enables High-speed Part Inspection and Positioning

WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- RS Components announces exclusive availability of a new vision sensor inspection kit that enables the user to perform high-speed part inspection and quality assurance across diverse applications, such as sorting systems, assembly verification, alignment and rotation checking, and size and shape inspection.

Vision sensor kit The Inspector I20 inspection kit comprises: a Sick Inspector I20 vision sensor; a5-metre Ethernet cable for system set-up; a 5-metre power and I/O cable for triggering and signal outputs; and a bracket for easy assembly on to the production line.

The Inspector I20 is a compact, user-friendly and precise 2D vision sensor with integrated lighting. It is able to check parts in any orientation or position and reliably determine in real-time if objects pass or fail. The vision sensor's robust design is suited for difficult applications and its intelligent and fast evaluation algorithms enable it to keep up with high process speeds.

Logical output options are available in the Inspector I20. With simple and/or logic, multiple inspections can be combined to give the end user more detailed feedback. These inspection results can be used for sorting based on defects or for detailed control of other process steps in the production chain.

Key features of the Inspector I20 include:

* High speed part inspection; * Robust pattern match algorithm to locate object independent of position, rotation and scale; * Multi feature inspection/reference object; * Multi reference object teaching; * Easy-to-use step configuration in PC; * Emulator, log, statistics and record for production control; * Industrial Ethernet for monitoring over network; * IP 67 metal housing. The Inspector I20 vision sensor inspection kit requires no prior knowledge of vision inspection systems; it is easy to use and integrate into existing machinery. The kit is available to purchase globally from RS stock for same-day despatch.

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