Earth Fault Resistance Monitor from Accumetrics

Earth Fault Resistance Monitor from Accumetrics
Accumetrics Associates Inc.

Accumetrics Associates Inc., Schenectady, NY, offers the EFREM earth fault resistance monitor that mounts at the middle of the shaft of large asynchronous AC motors and brushless generators and protects the equipment from catastrophic failure. The wireless digital telemetry system continuously monitors and charts ground fault severity, providing quantitative measurement of fault severity, continuous trending and charting of fault resistances, fault location indication, field excitation voltage monitoring, and alarm relay outputs for multiple resistance levels. A 2-piece metal collar with embedded telemetry electronics clamps midshaft to gather data from the motor or generator.

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Company: Accumetrics Associates Inc.
Phone number: 518-393-2200, x-124
Fax: 518-393-3622

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