EarlySense's Latest Contact-Free Monitoring Solution Approved for Use in Canada

WALTHAM, MA -- EarlySense announces an approval to distribute its latest Bedside Monitor and Central Display System in the Canadian Market. EarlySense is bringing to Canada a unique solution that empowers clinicians to provide efficient, safe care based on early indication of high risk situations for falls, pressure ulcers or deterioration such as caused by Opioid therapy.

After monitoring over quarter of a million patients, results have shown significant clinical improvements in reducing patient falls, pressure ulcers and capturing a patient's deterioration sooner. The results have demonstrated significant reductions in the average stay in the ICU for patients transferred from a general medical surgical environment, fewer code blue events and shorter overall length of stay, thereby improving care and reducing cost. Along with formally published studies results, there are hundreds of actual patient case studies, which show that the early warning provided to Caregivers by the EarlySense System, helped save a patient from potential injury and dramatically decrease failure-to-rescue events.

"We are pleased that yet another major regulatory agency has cleared the EarlySense Technology for use in a very important healthcare market." said Dalia Argaman, VP of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs & QA of EarlySense. "We are excited to begin our work in the Canadian healthcare communities to hopefully bring similar benefits to patients and caregivers as have been realized in other significant healthcare markets."

"We are looking forward to working closely with Canada's medical community." said Tim O'Malley, President of EarlySense Inc. "We believe that EarlySense can provide added safety and assist in facilitating timely interventions for patients in non-ICU settings and alternate care facilities throughout Canada. We are currently developing partnerships with Canadian companies who will bring the EarlySense technology to market in Canada."

For more information, visit http://www.earlysense.com

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