Eagle5-P Provides Precision Target and Motion Detection

NEWPORT BEACH, CA /PRNewswire/ -- TiaLinx, Inc., a developer of mm-wave integrated radio and antenna arrays, today announced the launch of Eagle5-P, its flagship product as a result of the SBIR phase II award (contract W15QKN-08-C-0247) from the Department of Army.

"Army's award enabled design, implementation, and exhaustive field testing of a unique ultra-wideband radio frequency system and associated signal processing algorithms that provide RF imaging of obscured objects," commented Dr. Fred Mohamadi, Founder and CEO of TiaLinx. "TiaLinx's highly integrated mm-wave RF distributed sensor technology has also been used to demonstrate the real-time imaging of live object movement behind a wall. This unique, dual-use capacity is revolutionizing multi-discipline DoD projects and positioning TiaLinx to lead the miniaturized radar and RF sensor market."

The proposed advanced mm-wave radar will be deployed to address detection of unexploded ordnances behind walls, on-road and off-road, and surveillance of desired objects in land, sea and air. The benefit of such a system is an agnostic operation under deteriorated environmental conditions including fog, rain and smog to address matters of homeland security. In addition to a multitude of applications in various areas of conflict, the system is suitable for regions that suffer from an epidemic of landmines and unexploded ordinances. The mm-wave radar and its associated RF imaging capability can be used to address the eradication of mines and save innocent lives.

About TiaLinx
TiaLinx, Inc. is a privately held fabless company that develops advanced electronic modules with very small form factor, highly integrated functionality and advanced performance for a wide range of DoD and commercial products. Utilizing its proprietary and protected technologies, the Company is uniquely positioned to address robust RF Imaging devices economically by enabling revolutionary advancements in semiconductor and sub-system designs.

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