E-Textile Technology Advances Blood-Clot Prevention

Jabil, in collaboration with Recovery Force, is advancing the next-generation of wearable medical technology. Recovery Force’s patented technology delivers mobile compression to enhance circulation. Allegedly, the technology addresses a host of therapeutic conditions, including the prevention of blood clots (DVT), reduction of post-operative pain, and alleviating joint pain and sore muscles.


Jabil helped Recovery Force develop this platform technology, which embeds shape-changing memory fibers into various garments and footwear to produce therapeutic compressions. While this achievement on its own is a great clinical advancement, Recovery Force accomplishes this in a comfortable, lightweight and mobile form factor without requiring bladders, pumps, cords or electrical stimulation.


Leaving the wires and tubes was not an easily achievable goal. Recovery Force co-founder and EVP Matt Wainscott explains, “We needed help to accelerate the technology yet struggled to find the right mix of capabilities. What we really needed was a total turnkey solution.” For more details, checkout a case study.

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