E-paper Displays with Internal Timing Controllers Simplify Design and Offer Cost Savings

TAINAN CITY, Taiwan --- Pervasive Displays announces a new family of e-paper displays with internal timing controllers (iTC). Removing dependence on external microcontrollers for timing control simplifies the design of displays because the driving waveform is embedded in the display's chip-on-glass driver IC. External component count is minimized, reducing costs, and one time programming (OTP) of the display driver ensures best optical performance and reliability.

The new e-paper displays, available in standard 2.15 inch, 2.87 inch and 4.2 inch versions, are ideal for electronic shelf labels and other commercial and industrial applications. Custom sizes, waveforms and interconnect configurations are also offered. All the displays feature Pervasive Displays' patented panel breakage detection, which generates an alert signal if panels are damaged to minimize any loss of displayed information.

E-paper is the lowest power display technology. Energy is only consumed when the display changes and it requires no energy to display information - enabling exceptionally long battery life, even from tiny coin cells.

More information: http://www.pervasivedisplays.com

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