E + H Claims First Digital Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

(from release) Endress+Hauser's Oxymax W COS21D is, according to the company, the world's first digital dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor. The precise measurement of dissolved oxygen is critical in several pharmaceutical and food applications, such as final beer in bright beer tanks. In monitoring cell cultures, for example, it is important to measure the presence of adequate oxygen concentrations. On the other hand, there are products where organisms are undesirable, and the process needs to ensure the absence or minimal levels of oxygen.

Using Memosens technology, the new DO sensor incorporates superior preventive maintenance capabilities. Since the Memosens technology offers an intelligent sensor with memory capacity, apart from standard data such as sensor ID and serial number, operational data is also recorded and made available for asset management. This includes the number of calibrations, hours in operation, operating conditions such as temperature and current, as well as SIP cycles and electrolyte concentration.

When a DO measuring point requires maintenance, a second sensor, which has been precalibrated in the laboratory or workshop, and the calibration data stored on the sensor, can then merely be swapped out at the measuring point with the old sensor that was in need of maintenance, and the data is automatically uploaded into the transmitter. The old sensor can then be cleaned and calibrated in the laboratory or workshop, and placed on the shelf, ready to be exchanged with the next sensor that needs maintenance.

Oxymax W COS21D is available in three versions. COS21D-A is suitable for monitoring cell cultures, for use of up to 20 mg/l, and is used primarily in fermentation systems. COS21D-B is a trace DO sensor for media containing CO2, particularly in the drinks industry. DO measurement is essential for the beer filling processes and in all stages of quality assurance. COS21D-C is a trace DO sensor for general oxygen measurement applications, from power plants to residual oxygen measurement in tank farms, and even inerting measurements in machine storage areas.

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