Dynamometer System A Cookie Of A Cost Cutter

Reducing costs over off-the-shelf solutions, SAKOR Technologies’ dynamometer testing system is in the hands of a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for testing starter/alternators for hybrid/electric vehicle (H/EV) applications. The dynamometer test system consists of a 42 kW AccuDyne AC motoring dynamometer and features SAKOR’s DynoLAB test automation controller.  AccuDyne dynamometers offer full four-quadrant operation with seamless transition between loading and motoring modes.  The system communicates with the user’s ECU via CAN bus technology.


This testing system is capable of operating at speeds as high as 18,000 rpm and as low as 0 RPM, providing full torque in a stall condition.  Furthermore, the dynamometer can run in motoring or loading modes at maximum rated torque/power in either direction at any time and can switch between these modes instantaneously.  As a result, the test system can expose starter/alternators to all possible conditions they may undergo in actual vehicle use.

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This test system offers the ability to test the maximum power, speed, and generator capacity of starter/alternators. In addition, the system allows operators to run road load cycles to simulate real world conditions, including starting the engine, dynamic braking, power assist, and battery charging modes.


Other features include two battery simulators that are also regenerative dc-power supplies. One simulator can supply power at up to 120V and 400 amps; the other unit can supply up to 40V and 1200A. As a result, the system can test the full range of components, while keeping costs relatively low. For more details, visit SAKOR Technologies, call 989-720-2700, and/or email [email protected].

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