Dynamo Launches Wearable Tech and Smart Home PR Division

LONDON -- Dynamo PR announces the launch of its Wearable Tech and Smart Home PR team after signing NYC based Bluesmart, the world's first smart, connected suitcase, controlled via a dedicated app.

The new practice will focus on the latest connected consumer technology products and launches from around the world. The team has also signed a number of new companies to further expand the division which already includes Digitsole, the first interactive insole that combines the functions of a smart watch with heating capabilities and Atlanta based LightFreq, the multi-functioning light bulb with a built in audio speaker. Dynamo has appointed Ellen Powell-Chandler, who formerly worked at Burson-Marsteller on Sony Mobile, to lead the new team.

Ellen Powell-Chandler explains: "Our homes and lives are becoming more connected. Different industries, whether it is technology, design or fashion, are battling to help us live and work smarter. Consumers are increasingly wearing fitness trackers and expecting their smartphone to be able to control their home. As the industry heats up, companies need to have a trusted team that know the space inside out and understand how these products and services are transforming lives."

The wearable technology industry is growing quickly with figures indicating that one in ten consumers want a wearable tech device[1] and that volumes shipped will reach close to half a billion by 2018.[2] The Smart Home sector is flourishing as it is predicted to grow to $7.8 billion in the US alone by 2019.[3]

Paul Lamkin, editor and founder of Wareable.com welcomed the new team: "Dynamo are on the ball when it comes to predicting future areas of consumer tech growth. Wearable tech will increasingly need top PR experts to talk to titles like ours, so it'll be a specialist team to watch."

Bluesmart is a phenomenal new signing for the agency, having already raised over $850,000 on crowd-funding site Indiegogo in just 10 days. The product brings a variety of smart features to the humble suitcase, including the ability to lock, unlock, weigh and track the carry-on via a smartphone for a truly connected experience. Bluesmart also incorporates a built in battery charger so you can charge your devices on the go as well as syncing to travel services to provide reports, notifications and even packing tips.

Alejo Verlini, co-founder of Bluesmart in New York, said: "The Dynamo team has a great reputation for launching smart technology and driving targeted sales around the world. It's clear that everything from our luggage to our pets will be connected by our phones or our watches, so we're excited to work with an awesome team that understands the future and what people are experiencing in this new era."

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