Dynamic Measurement System from Watson Industries

Dynamic Measurement System from Watson Industries
Watson Industries Inc.

Watson Industries Inc., Eau Clair, WI, offers the DMS-EGP02 dynamic measurement system with dual antenna GPS, originally designed for monitoring the drive and handling characteristics of vehicles. The DMS may be used for many applications where triaxial angular rate and acceleration data are required. Of its 6 accelerometer outputs, the X, Y, and Z axis outputs represent the accelerations in the plane of the vehicle body while the second set measure the acceleration aligned with an earth-level coordinate system. A dual GPS antenna system provides heading data when the vehicle is not in motion and gives vehicle velocity data to the DMS to enhance the unit's performance during highly dynamic maneuvers.

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Company: Watson Industries Inc.
Phone number: 715-839-0628
Fax: 715-839-8248

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