Dust's Wireless Technology Enables City Management Solutions

ROSEMONT, IL /PRNewswire/ -- Dust Networks, a leading provider of highly reliable, low-power wireless sensor networking (WSN) systems, and Streetline Inc. announced at Sensors Expo And Conference that Dust Networks has been selected as the WSN provider for Streetline's City Infrastructure Technologies (CiT) Platform. CiT offers cities a quick path to efficient planning, workforce management, revenue growth, and quality customer service. By using Dust's network-ready SmartMesh products, Streetline was able to bring its products to market quickly, gaining a significant time advantage in this emerging application area.

Dust's network-ready SmartMesh products, based on the company's Time Synchronized Mesh Protocol (TSMP), are integrated into Streetline's parking management solutions, including Meter Monitors and Vehicle Sensors, providing highly reliable, low-power wireless connectivity to previously inaccessible information. Recent Streetline parking management deployments, include a pilot with the City of Los Angeles designed to support the city's on-street parking operation with real-time information about meter operation and parking space usage. With such information, cities can increase revenue opportunities, reduce traffic congestion, and have better parking and overall city management efficiency.

We selected Dust Networks' TSMP-based products because they are industrially hardened, highly reliable, and deliver extremely long battery life, which is very important in rugged urban environments," said Tod Dykstra, Streetline's CEO. "Because Dust provided an end-to-end networking solution to help us collect and manage information, we were able to focus on developing innovative products that simply deliver the information our customers need."

Dust's network-ready SmartMesh products provide customers with a complete WSN solution made up of motes (individual wireless sensor nodes) and managers (highly integrated gateways) that are proven, scalable, and easy to integrate for fast time-to-market applications. All SmartMesh products use TSMP, pioneered by Dust Networks, which serves as the foundation for the industry's most reliable, low-power mesh architecture. Dust's SmartMesh manager combines highly integrated gateways with sophisticated networking, data, and security management functions and an open XML-based application-programming interface, making integration with Streetline CiT fast and easy.

"We are seeing continued demand from a broad range of companies who are launching reliable, low-power monitoring and control applications built on our TSMP-based products," said Steve Toteda, Vice President of Marketing for Dust Networks. "Companies like Streetline can now help their customers manage and leverage information from the physical world in exciting new ways that were previously only imagined."

About Streetline's CiT Platform
Based on reliable ultra-low power networks, environmental sensors, and machine interface technology, Streetline's CiT is a revolutionary service designed to support city management. Streetline's parking management system, featuring meter monitors and vehicle sensors, is part of the CiT platform.

Streetline meter monitors provide two-way networking of standard single-space parking meters, with no wiring and no modification to the meter housings. The patented technology is compatible with over 90% of installed meters and, in most cases, will simply plug into existing meter data ports. The monitors help cities track usage and vandalism and provide a detailed audit of all meter operations in real time. Streetline vehicle sensors deliver accurate real-time information about arrivals, departures, and occupancy in on-street parking spaces. The rugged and reliable sensors are available in an easily deployed surface-mount version, as well as a pavement-embedded version for snow areas. In combination, the meter monitors and vehicle sensors give operators a true and complete picture of on-street parking operations, providing a solid foundation for effective enforcement, maintenance, pricing, and other policy decisions.

About Dust Networks
Dust Networks, a leader in embedded WSN, provides ultra-low-power, highly reliable products to OEMs in the industrial automation, building automation, and defense markets. Dust enables its customers to offer monitoring and control solutions that provide unprecedented access to information from the physical world, resulting in improved operations, safer work environments, and increased competitive advantage. Dust's network-ready SoC-based products provide complete WSN solutions that are proven, scalable, and easy to integrate for fast time-to-market applications. SmartMesh products use the TSMP, pioneered by Dust Networks, which serves as the foundation for the industry's most flexible, low-power mesh architecture. Dust partners with industry and standards groups, such as ISA, the HART Foundation, and WINA, to ensure the broad adoption of interoperable wireless sensor networking products. For more information please visit the company's Web site.

About Streetline Inc.
Streetline is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit the company's Web site, or contact Michele Senders at [email protected].

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