Dust-Resistant MEMS Flow Sensors from Omron

Dust-Resistant MEMS Flow Sensors from Omron
Omron Electronic Components LLC

The D6F-P MEMS flow sensor from Omron Electronic Components LLC., Schaumburg, IL, incorporates a double cyclone dust segregation system that keeps particulates away from the sensing chip for dusty environment applications such as HVAC/VAV. The sensor provides an amplified, temperature-compensated 0.5–2.5 VDC output signal (0–0.5 VDC negative flow indication), 1.0 SLM flow range, and 0.84 in. H2O pressure range, 50 kPa max. pressure. The 17 by 22 mm device has PCB terminals for direct connection to the board of damper control modules. Both orifices are on the same side and design is consistent lot-to-lot.

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Company: Omron Electronic Components LLC
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 847-882-2288
Fax: 847-882-2192

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