Dust Collector Controllers from FilterSense

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B-PAC Series baghouse performance analyzers and controllers from FilterSense, Beverly, MA, integrate control, sensing, and signal analysis as well as diagnostics. The devices can detect/locate filter leaks before emissions are visible, detect/locate failed pulse solenoids that can lead to plugged filters, and can detect/locate ruptured or frozen pulse-jet diaphragms. The controllers also provide intelligent filter cleaning that extends filter life and lowers emissions while reducing compressed air use by 15%–40% over traditional PLC programming and up to 90% over continuous cleaning. Optional software provides enhanced process control features and further automation of EPA record keeping. Analog and digital I/O are available, as are major field buses.

Contact Info

Company: FilterSense
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 978-927-4304
Fax: 978-927-4329

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