Dual Pressure Sensors from All Sensors

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All Sensors Corp.

The BDS Series from All Sensors Corp., Morgan Hill, CA, comprises two independent sensors—one absolute and the other differential—in a single package. Sensing ranges are 0–30 psia and 0–10 in.H2O for the BDS-L10D030A and 0–100 psia and 0–10 in.H2O for the BDS-L10D100A. The sensors are offered in a PC-board-mountable package with 2 pressure ports. Port volumes have been balanced to improve common mode response and the sensor is intended for applications involving high common-mode pressures. Features include a basic millivolt output, electrically cross-coupled sensing elements to reduce output offset and temperature errors, and simultaneous absolute and differential pressure outputs.

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Company: All Sensors Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-225-4314
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