Dual PMIC Maximizes System Performance

In systems that use both ac and dc power, employing dual-mode power monitoring traditionally requires multiple ICs. Eliminating that multi-chip approach, Microchip Technology’s MCP39F511A dual-mode power monitoring IC (PMIC) measures both ac and dc modes with an accuracy of 0.1% error across a 4000:1 range. Power calculations and event monitoring are included with a single IC, reducing bill of materials cost and firmware development time.


The MCP39F511A simplifies calibration procedures by integrating two 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs with a 94.5 dB of signal-to-noise ratio plus distortion (SINAD) and a 16-bit calculation engine. Suitable for a range of consumer, Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial applications, the IC automatically senses power supply types and switches between ac and dc modes. The device also helps developers troubleshoot issues with an on-chip EEPROM that logs critical events, as well as an integrated low-drift voltage reference and internal oscillator to reduce implementation costs.

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The device also provides standard power calculations such as active, reactive and apparent power, active and reactive energy, root-mean-square (RMS) current and voltage, line frequency, and power factor. The MCP39F511A includes advanced features such as auto-save and auto-load of power quantities to and from the EEPROM at power loss or start. Event monitoring of various power conditions also enhances preventative system maintenance and enables developers to better manage power consumption.


The device is supported by the MCP39F511A Power Monitor Demonstration Board (ADM00667), a fully functional single-phase power and energy monitoring system. The system calculates and displays active power, reactive power, RMS current, RMS voltage, active energy (both import and export) and four-quadrant reactive energy. It connects through USB to the “Power Monitor Utility Software” that offers automated control to allow users to easily evaluate all system configuration settings.


The MCP39F511A is available for $1.80 each/10,000. The MCP39F511A Power Monitor Demonstration Board (ADM00667) is available for $150 each. For even deeper enlightenment, peruse the MCP39F511A datasheet.


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