DSPCon Awarded Research Grant by U.S. Air Force

BRIDGEWATER, NJ -- DSPCon, a leading, global supplier of data acquisition, analysis, archiving, and recording solutions for high-value military, aerospace, and rotating machinery applications, announced that it has received a SBIR Phase I contract award from the US Air Force. The award will support development of a modular, expandable, open-standards addition of processing capability for propulsion health management systems that will increase the speed and depth of processing capabilities over currently used full authority digital engine control hardware and software.

Propulsion health management is a critical technology for improving and extending product lifecycles of aircraft systems through enhanced diagnostics, real-time data capture, and reduced maintenance costs. Once completed, the DSPCon platform will represent an improved computational capability over current existing systems through the use of optimized signal processing algorithms. This improved capability will facilitate more thorough, rapid detection and analysis of equipment degradation so appropriate maintenance can be undertaken before degradation evolves into an equipment failure. The technology will be targeted at commercial and advanced aircraft applications.

"DSPCon is proud to continue to support our commercial and government aviation customers with innovative technology solutions for their most demanding test and research projects," said Al Brower, President and Chief Executive Officer of DSPCon. This latest SBIR award reflects our ongoing commitment to technological innovations that exceed our customers' expectations today and in the future."

About DSPCon
New Jersey-based DSPCon is a leading systems integrator and full-service solution provider of high-bandwidth, high-performance data acquisition, analysis, and archiving systems for governmental agencies and commercial enterprises in the military, defense, aerospace, avionics, machinery, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries. Certified to ISO9001:2000 quality standards, DSPCon solutions empower organizations to streamline test-and-development cycles and improve operational and production efficiencies by slashing the time between data acquisition and processed analytical results.

Today, DSPCon products and services support a wide variety of mission-critical signal-processing applications, including acoustic, vibration, shock, and rotating machinery analysis, sonar and radar processing, digital data recording, and jet engine testing. With hundreds of deployed solutions and over a decade and a half of experience in digital signal processing, systems integration, and software development, DSPCon continues to be at the forefront in meeting the unique data acquisition needs of world-class organizations, such as Pratt & Whitney, NASA, Honeywell, and General Dynamics.

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