DRS Awarded Government Contracts Totaling $47 Million

PARSIPPANY, NJ /Marketwire/ -- DRS Technologies Inc. announced that it was awarded contracts from various customers with a combined value of approximately $47 million to provide man-portable surveillance and target-acquisition radar (MSTAR) systems, accessories, and/or support. The systems will support the U. S. Department of Defense in a variety of surveillance and security applications.

The work for these contracts will be performed by the company's DRS Sustainment Systems Inc. unit based in St. Louis, MO. Product deliveries are expected to begin immediately and will continue through May 2009.

Thomas G. Cornwell, President of the company's Sustainment Systems business segment, said, "The MSTAR is a best-in-class product based on its performance, price, reliability, and availability. Over 1300 MSTARs have been deployed around the world as a stand-alone system or as an integral part of a larger sensor suite. Its high reliability is supported by unmatched global logistics, to ensure that the warfighter or border security forces get the operating picture they need."

The MSTAR is a low-power ground-surveillance radar that provides wide-area coverage in all weather conditions, during both day and night. It locates moving targets and classifies them as personnel or tracked or wheeled vehicles. The system is ideally suited for deployable perimeter-security applications or as part of an integrated security system for force protection, border surveillance, and asset protection.

The technology and capabilities of the MSTAR can be customized to fulfill military and homeland security missions, when intrusion detection, border surveillance, and perimeter security are unique and require a tailored application.

"MSTAR provides enhanced security-system operations, with the capability to rapidly monitor large surveillance areas and provide information about potential hostile intrusion," Cornwell added. "Its highly accurate tracking ability may be used to cue other sensors or weapons."

About DRS
DRS Technologies Inc., headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, is a leading supplier of integrated products, services, and support to military forces, intelligence agencies, and prime contractors worldwide. The company employs approximately 10,000 people.

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