Drone Software Platform Maps 30 Million Acres


DroneDeploy is self-described as a drone software platform with the largest drone data repository in the world. It maker has released its 2018 annual Commercial Drone Industry Trends Report that quantifies the impact of aerial insights across several industries. According to the company, DroneDeploy's ecosystem enables users across 400,000 job sites to map 30 million acres, reap up to 20X time savings, and improve workflows over the last year.


Report Highlights

  • DroneDeploy analyzed customer data from 180 countries to produce a comprehensive state of the industry. Key insights include:
  • UAVS Are Now an Everyday Tool on More than 400,000 Job Sites
  • The average DroneDeploy customer creates 5 maps a week. Leading the charge is construction (238% YoY growth), agriculture (172% YoY), and real estate (171% YoY).
  • AI and Machine Learning Forges Ahead
  • World's First Drone App Market Grows 150%. Allegedly, it has doubled in the last year — 2,000+ developers introduced 50 new tools across 10 industries. There have been more than 120,000 app installs, representing a 445% increase in 2017.
  • Enterprises embrace drones. DroneDeploy has seen a 5X increase in enterprise customer growth since 2016. As the average size of an enterprise drone team grew to 5 pilots, the number of commercial drones registered increased 2.5X.
  • Customers See 3-5X ROI on drone investments. Drones help companies maintain operations by increasing productivity, improving site safety, and managing risk.
  • Key partners are creating a global partnership network. Industry leaders are partnering to provide integrated hardware products. DroneDeploy announced partnerships with pilot networks like DroneBase and Uplift Data Partners, distribution and consulting services like SoftBank, Accenture, and CNH Global, and hardware leaders like DJI.


Need more details to get flying? Checkout the FULL REPORT.