DRO Boasts Improved Interface And Touchscreen

HEIDENHAIN’s latest digital readout (DRO), the ND 7013, replaces the ND 780 and offers an improved user interface and user-friendly touch screen, among other improvements. The ND 7013 DRO offers an improved status bar on the right side of the main screen that provides helpful options for selecting the respective operating status.  A quick access menu allows the user to view or select multiple options such as displaying length and angle values, presets and tools, a stopwatch or calculator, feed rates, an edge finder (in milling mode), as well as an “Auxiliary Functions” key. 


An I/O function is available, providing additional useful enhancements for supporting machine functions. The changeover from the conventional HEIDENHAIN keyboard to the touchscreen facilitates operation and makes custom settings possible. This also provides increased protection from the ingress of dirt and liquids and thus improves suitability for a workshop environment.

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Ccustom settings are done by configuring keys that are used to switch or control actuators in the machine. Furthermore, with a keystroke, a machinist can call documents (operating instructions, machine manual, tables, etc.) and display them on the screen. If spindle control is activated on the I/O, the user can also define keys for presetting the spindle speed.  These custom-defined keys are then included in an OEM bar that can be dragged into the screen, if required. For more details, visit the DRO page.

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