Dongbu Electronics Emphasizes CMOS Image Sensor Focus

(from release) Dongbu Electronics is continuing to build on its foundry expertise in relation to CMOS image sensors at its Fab 2 in Korea. The company has attracted another fabless customer, Silicon File Technologies, a Korean fabless company that will enter volume production of 5 Megapixel CIS devices at the 130nm node in the first quarter of 2007, according to Dongbu.

"We have clearly positioned Dongbu Electronics as a technology leader in specialized CIS (CMOS Image Sensor) processing that enables the implementation of high resolution CIS devices at very competitive price points," said Dr. Song. He noted that Dongbu is targeting early 2008 to qualify a CIS process at the 110nm node for volume production.

The company has developed a new process that uses only 3 layers of aluminum interconnect, instead of 7 to 8 layers of copper interconnect, thus reducing processing costs significantly, according to the foundry.

The company has also developed techniques to improve the quality of the CMOS image sensors. The foundry claims to have reduced the distance between the photodiode and the micro lens to less than 4 microns, which it says is an industry first compared to a 5-micron distance they claim is used by Micron Technology, the largest CMOS image sensor manufacturer.

Other technology improvements claimed include reduced leakage current to substantially offset dark current impediments and improved color quality by reducing color crosstalk among red-green-blue pixels.

Dongbu is seeing demand increase from customers and is projecting that Fab 2 will be ramping to 70,000wspm by the end of 2006, up from 62,000wspm previously.

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