DOE Awards Grant to Applied Nanotech

AUSTIN, TX /Marketwire/ -- Austin, Texas-based Nano-Proprietary Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Applied Nanotech Inc. (ANI), has been selected to be awarded a new phase I Small Business Technology Transfer Program grant by the U.S. Department of Energy in the amount of approximately $100,000.

The purpose of the grant is to develop and test an improved carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor for use in monitoring CO2 in geologic subsurface structures to ensure safe retention.

"We are pleased to be selected for this grant in our ever broadening sensor line," said Thomas F. Bijou, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nano-Proprietary Inc. "The strategy that we have been following, to have a broad base of sensor technologies, is beginning to yield tangible results."

More information is available at the Department of Energy (DOE).

About Nano-Proprietary
Nano-Proprietary Inc. is a holding company consisting of two wholly owned operating subsidiaries. Applied Nanotech Inc. is a premier research and commercialization organization dedicated to developing applications for nanotechnology with an extremely strong position in the fields of electron emission applications from carbon film/nanotubes, sensors, functionalized nanomaterials, and nanoelectronics. Electronic Billboard Technology Inc. possesses technology related to electronic digitized sign technology. The companies have over 250 patents or patents pending. Nano-Proprietary's business model is to license its technology to partners that will manufacture and distribute products using the technology.