DMMs Are Safe, Robust, And Accurate

Conrad Electronic’s latest hand-held digital multimeter (DMM) series from Voltcraft includes the VC830, VC850 and VC870 DMMs. Targeting professionals and hobbyists (makers), the VC830/50/70 series is described as three reliable and practical devices that also come with an impressive range of safety features. For example, the series’ patented casing construction allows units to be opened when changing batteries and/or fuses only when the device has been disconnected from its measurement test leads. In addition, users are warned if the test leads have been incorrectly connected by the units’ integrated ‘Test Lead Detection’ (TLD®) function. Other safety features include: a display warning sign when measuring voltages greater than 30V; high-power 1000V fuses that offer a separation power of 30kA; as well as impedance switchover, which reduces input resistance, via the press of a button, to avoid incorrect measurements through stray voltage. The series’ unique safety concept is further augmented by offering sturdy casing with sprayed soft-rubber protection.


Measurement capabilities offered by the series include: DC voltage range from 0.1mV up to 1000V (from 0.01V for the VC870); AC voltage range from 0.001V up to 750V; AC and DC current range measurement from 0.1mA up to 10A (from 0.01mA DC for the VC870); as well as resistance, capacitance and frequency measurement ranges. In addition, both the VC850 and VC870 units also offer temperature measurement. The top-end VC870 model also offers 40000 display counts versus 6000 for the VC830 and VC850, as well as delivering an additional power performance function that measures measuring efficiency, loop power and power factor, up to 2500W.

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All the units are designed for measurement in the CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V over-voltage categories and are approved and tested as per IEC/EN-61010 standards. All the units come with test leads, battery and user manual; the VC870 also comes with a power meter adapter. For more details, visit Voltcraft and Conrad Electronic.


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