Distance Sensor Measures Complex Geometries

Distance Sensor Measures Complex Geometries
Optical Metrology Inc.

The ConoLine-100 non-contact laser line projection system for measuring distances features a rotating mirror that delivers higher scanning speeds and adjustable line lengths (angles) at high scanning speeds for a variety of lateral resolutions. Capable of measuring complex shapes and geometries, it produces laser line speeds up to 100 lines/s and achieves a point sensor accuracy down to 1 µm. The adjustable line angle allows the sensor to scan undercuts, steep grooves, and angles up to ±120 degrees. All data processing, including pre-programmed functions, are housed in the sensor head. Other features include a periscope that can measure the bottom and side walls of small holes with diameters down to 6 mm. A data sheet is available at http://www.optimet.com/register_files/conoline100.pdf

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