Dissolved Oxygen Sensor from GF Piping Systems

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GF Piping Systems

The 2610 optical dissolved oxygen sensor from GF Piping Systems, Tustin, CA, measures the proportion of oxygen in fluid for a measurement range of 0–20 mg/L, 0%–200% saturation. Accuracies are ±0.1 mg/L for 0–8 mg/L and ±0.2 mg/L for 8–20 mg/L. Designed primarily for the wastewater treatment applications, the optical sensor cap is factory calibrated, requires no field calibration, and has a 1 yr. lifetime. Outputs are built-in Modbus RS-485 and 4–20 mA. Applications include municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, food and beverage production, aquatic life support, and aquaculture. You can combine the sensor with the company's 9900 transmitter to provide a dissolved oxygen monitoring system.

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Company: GF Piping Systems
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-854-4090
Fax: 714-731-6923

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